Petals in My Yard Summer Slicing!

I'm linking up today for Ruth and Stacey's weekly Slice of Life. You should too!

It’s been a busy first few weeks of summer break. I have many different irons in the fire…
a phonics project,
a new math book to read-
ideas popping in my head,
running the concession stand at our school’s basketball camp this week,
planting flowers (finally),
a wedding on the horizon to think about (my son in a year),
daughter home from school,
and time on my patio.
I love summer!
Here’s a poem I “found” in my backyard one morning watching the wind blow the petals of my roses across my yard!

It’s raining rose petals in my yard
the wind rushes through
and throws them into waves
I want to kick and splash
In their midst
Like puddles from an afternoon storm
Splashing, kicking
Puddles of fragrant joy!

I hope you’re having a fragrant joyful summer so far.

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  1. Waves of rose petals... that's one beautiful image!

  2. Love your poem. It was beautifully written.

    I was thinking about you with the wild weather that you have been having in OK. Were you very far from the tornados? Take Care.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

  3. "Puddles of fragrant joy." Beautiful. I love finding poems in my backyard. What a pretty picture you painted with your poem. I want to kick around in those petal puddles too.

  4. Beautifully said, Tammy. I am so happy the flowers are finally out and flourishing! You've written such a beautiful picture!

  5. Your poem is beautiful. You have a gift with words Tammy.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. Great Poem...Mrs. T Klinger from Aiden!!! :):) Enjoy your summer!!

  7. What a beautiful poem. I just noticed I have hydrangeas growing in my backyard. That was the highlight of my day!