Proud of My Daughter

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Alright I know I’ll probably have repercussions from this post but I just have to take a moment to tell you how incredibly proud I am of my daughter. She went to Stillwater today for a meeting about her upcoming August Experience and to begin her journey in Elementary Ed. But that is not the reason I’m so proud; while she was there she applied (and pretty much received-thank you Jamie) a job for the fall, paid her rent for the second time this summer ON HER OWN. She was once told by a few “friends” that she had no work ethic. Really? This is a girl that has volunteered since the age of 14 (that’s work for free people), who has babysat since the age of 15, (sometimes until 3AM). She worked FIVE jobs this summer-Subbing, tutoring, private swim lessons (4 different kids), life guarded at Sun-n-Fun, Cavalcade. Not to mention house, dog and horse sitting, AND she still found time to volunteer at a basketball camp, and spend time with family and friends when they were in town.
Now I don’t know about you, but that does not sound like someone who doesn’t know the meaning of work nor has NO work ethic.
I did not raise kids without manners, respect, compassion, empathy, or work ethic. It was what they were raised ON. And they are both exceptional examples of all of this and more.
I wish I could tell these “friends” that had they actually taken the time to look past their own selfish ways they would have seen what an amazing girl and friend for life Hadley is, because it’s what she does, once she makes up her mind you (or it) is worthy of her, she doesn’t EVER give up.
But I really don’t have toI know what these “friends” accomplished this summer and where they’re headed in life. And sadly their roads will probably never diverge with Hadley’s again. She is on the fast track to amazingness, and their still just trying to find their way. I wish them the best.

Did I mention how proud I am of my daughter? 

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What The FLIP!

Gotcha with that title didn't I??? 
 Well the days are ticking by and just like most other bloggers out there in bloggy land I am happily working in my classroom ready myself for the new school year.ok Ok OK already I’m LYING! I know. Sad, but nonetheless true, I am doing NOTHING- Nothing I tell ya to get my room ready. I just don’t wannaL!
BUT I have been thinking about it! That counts right? I have been thinking about mine and my btb’s (bestest teaching buddy) collaborative theme. It is a first for us. And I’ve been thinking about going to my classroom. And I’ve been thinking about all those sweet new faces I’ll see in a few weeks (a few very short weeks eeek). And I’ve been thinking about what we’re going to do this year in first grade with the NEW (insert announcer voice here) “Oklahoma State Standards” duh ta duh! Aka common core standards! DUH. Crazy I know just crazy.
I have been busy making things at home to use this year. And they do fit nicely with the good ol OSS or CCS or C3 standards or whatever we are calling them this week in Okie land.
One such item that I’m kinda really excited about is this new “Flip” book I’m making for my kiddos to do dailyor every other dayor weeklyor whenever I need them to do itJ.
You see I am kinda ok, probably really different than most teachers. I don’t do daily worksheets (gak), or do calendar time that draaaaagggggsss on and on, and on, and I don’t have my kids write in a daily journal, “Today is____, Today I will____” day after day after day after day. UGH! I just can’t!

But with that being said I know they need some repetition. I know they need structured routines and workI’m not a total ditz. And I know of course we need to make connections to what we have learned or are learning. SO I made my Flip and WOOT book! Catchy don’t ya think? No I didn’t miss my s up there it is A book. Singular. Sorta. Let me show you.
I have no idea why this one turned caddy-whumpus! Sorry! 

At the beginning of the day the kiddos will do the “FLIP” side. It’s a number of the day thing, math, calendarish type page. Then this is where it gets FUN! At the end of the day they FLIP it over

and Wa-La it is a WOOT book (writing out our thoughts). Woot Woot. A place for them to record thoughts, feelings, ideas, connections! Fun huh?

And as a bonus (announcer voice here again) in the middle is a handy dandy little reference page to help the kiddos that need it.

Yeah, I know I probably won’t do it every daybut many days!  
So what ya think about my cool little Flip book? Pretty fun huh? It will take a little know how to put it together. You can find detailed instructions with the download on TpT.
So if you like myFlipbook and would like one of your own pin it, comment about it leave link and email, and I’ll pick a couple of peeps to send it to.

Thanks Ya’all I hope you’re working as hard as I am to get back to school and into your rooms. Snort- snort J  

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Planning, Planning, Planning I'm always Planning!

Whew finally finished. I am not good at making things on this computer. It takes me FOREVER! I wish I was like the girls that whip stuff out and post it, and sell it on TpT in no time at all. But I’m old and slow and kinda computer unschooledbut I keep plugging along. If only my daughter would help me outbut she has no patience for my lack of aptitudeI think it runs in the family. LOL
So here it is my very own teacher planner for this school year I just can't decide if I want to bind it or use it in a binder....
 It has everything I will needI think. I’ve seen so many cute ones out there, and so many FULL of items

but I wanted to make one that worked for me. And maybe it’ll work for you too. The lesson plan page comes filled in with subjects or blank. 

Find it HERE

It has my best TpT seller my common core planning sheet, calendars, lesson planning, thematic unit planning sheet, and other goodies.
You can check it out here.
In other newsmy bestest buddy and I went to our summer PD this past week. What a waste of time! Except for Ron Clark he is one hilarious, energetic, motivational guy! He was a good reminder of focusing on the positive not the negative,(hence the line through the negative remark) and not getting sucked into the drama that often sometimes happens in schools. I am REALLY going to work on that this year, I try to every year, but I will try HARDER this year! I promise!
I am so excited because of Ron Clark and his inspiration the first grade teachers (me and my bestie) have decided to have a collaborative theme this year. I haven’t done a “theme” in years. It should be fun! I’ll let you know more laterbut here’s a clue-it is nothing that I have seen on any other blog, classroom, or school!
If you'd like this Planner the first three that pin it and leave me the link to your pin in my comments and I'll send it to you for FREE!! 

I’m off to lunch with my hubby! Have an awesome day. Only 4 weeks left for me and summerL  
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Family Involvement and Freebies Throwin' Back to Summer 2012!

This was one of my top posts from last summer! I LOVE family involvement and try to incorporate more and more each year. My kiddos loved these journals last year and I am adding more to them as we speak  read  write... connect how's that?! So for my first ever link up with the amazing Cara Carroll at First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday I am throwing all the way back to last summer and these fun little family involvement journals...but stay tuned because I will be updating and adding to them this summer...which is quickly closing in on me! But no time to worry now I have salads and cakes to back for our THREE day 4th of July celebration...maybe we should make it is the FOURTH of July! Happy Birthday America!
I am a HUGE fan of family involvement in my classroom. Last year I felt like I didn’t do it as much justice as I usually do (other than reading homework every night).
SO this year I am trying something new. I have made 20 (so far) Family Involvement Journals. These journals range from a Backyard journal and Birthday journals to Family Traditions and Football journals.
A few of the journals have props that go with them such as a stuffed moose and dragon, a super hero cape, a chef’s hat, a magnifying glass, and various stories and books that relate to the journals.
I plan to keep them in a tub and allow the kids to pick which journals they would like to take home and share with their families. The birthday journal will be sent home on or near their birthday unless they have a summer birthday then they will get to choose when they take it home.
For easy handling and an easy way to keep the journal and props together I will put each journal in a clear plastic zip lock bag.
I have made 20 different labels and have bought the composition journals for .50$ each to glue the labels to. Spiral notebooks would work too, but I have found the composition type to be a little sturdier. I will cover the books and labels in clear contact paper to add a little extra protection.
Here are a few I have started and the tub I plan to put them in. 

So there you have it my attempt at bringing a little more family involvement to my classroom, while meeting various ccs in literacy, math, and oral communication. You can find a couple of freebies when you download the preview and get the entire set here.
I am excited to introduce them to my kiddos. How many do you think want the “Super Hero” journal first? Maybe I should make duplicates