Proud of My Daughter

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Alright I know I’ll probably have repercussions from this post but I just have to take a moment to tell you how incredibly proud I am of my daughter. She went to Stillwater today for a meeting about her upcoming August Experience and to begin her journey in Elementary Ed. But that is not the reason I’m so proud; while she was there she applied (and pretty much received-thank you Jamie) a job for the fall, paid her rent for the second time this summer ON HER OWN. She was once told by a few “friends” that she had no work ethic. Really? This is a girl that has volunteered since the age of 14 (that’s work for free people), who has babysat since the age of 15, (sometimes until 3AM). She worked FIVE jobs this summer-Subbing, tutoring, private swim lessons (4 different kids), life guarded at Sun-n-Fun, Cavalcade. Not to mention house, dog and horse sitting, AND she still found time to volunteer at a basketball camp, and spend time with family and friends when they were in town.
Now I don’t know about you, but that does not sound like someone who doesn’t know the meaning of work nor has NO work ethic.
I did not raise kids without manners, respect, compassion, empathy, or work ethic. It was what they were raised ON. And they are both exceptional examples of all of this and more.
I wish I could tell these “friends” that had they actually taken the time to look past their own selfish ways they would have seen what an amazing girl and friend for life Hadley is, because it’s what she does, once she makes up her mind you (or it) is worthy of her, she doesn’t EVER give up.
But I really don’t have toI know what these “friends” accomplished this summer and where they’re headed in life. And sadly their roads will probably never diverge with Hadley’s again. She is on the fast track to amazingness, and their still just trying to find their way. I wish them the best.

Did I mention how proud I am of my daughter? 

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  1. Your daughter sounds like a remarkable, diligent, hardworking young woman and you have every reason to be proud! She showed her "friends" her work ethic through her actions. It's unfortunate that people are so quick to label others. Kudos to you and Hadley! :o)

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  2. You sound very proud of your daughter. However, you also sound a tad bitter.
    Could you have written your story without mentioning the negative comments?

    1. Hmmm yeah maybe...but then it wouldn't have been my slice would it? lol

  3. It sounds like you have many reasons to be proud of your daughter and all the wonderful characteristics she lives out on a daily basis. Way to go mom!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. You should be proud of your daughter. She sounds like a great kid! Sara

  5. Hadley is AWESOME!!! She is one of a kind...and the BEST!!! Def a workaholic too even told her that when she was tutoring the coming to give my son private swim lessons then enough time to see her Grandma and eat lunch in just a little more than an hour and make it to her other lifeguarding job in the HEAT!!! Love her and wish her the best on her new journey....gonna make another Awesome teacher just like her momma!! :):)

    1. I think you're biased Miranda! lol Thank you!

  6. So proud of all of her choices! Way to go mom-you raised her well!