Currently August EEEKK!!

Really? August already? It can’t be. I must be in some weird twilight movie. I don’t want August. I don’t like August. I want June back. Pleeeeeeze somebody wake me upin June.
Not going to happen is it? Well fine then I guess I’ll join in the August Currently before daughter and I leave on our road trip tomorrow. The one and only vacation we’ve had this year. The bad thing about adult kiddos is that they work all the time and we can’t just take off on a whim. We have to schedule our whims. Ahead of time. Like real adults. It is no fun. But I guess next year it’ll probably just be me and hubby, so I shouldn’t complainJ

Happy August Y’all may it be forever in your favorand go really, really slowuntil school starts then is speedy quick!

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  1. This summer did go really fast! And I agree, flair pens are a must have! :)

    Sliding into First!

  2. Chart paper and markers! I really think you can never have too many of those :)

    A Little Bird in Third

  3. Best teacher buds is definitely a must have! I just found out mine is oreggers! So exciting!

  4. Hi Tammy! Flair pens are the best and I think they also make my handwriting look 5 times better.
    Teaching 3rd with Mr. G
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  5. I L.O.V.E. flair pens. Do you use Mr. Sketch markers for your charts? I loves those, too.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  6. Have fun on your trip. I hope it brings you lots of blessings!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  7. Hi Everyone,
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    Julie :)