Drama, Ducks, and Dispensers...and a Giveaway!

Whew it has been for-ever since I’ve been on here. School started with a flurry of drama and it hasn’t subsided yet. I wish someone could explain to me why administrators constantly wait until the last moment to spring changes on you, and then act as if it is no big deal; as if there isn’t enough to change already with new kiddos, new parents, new routines, new alarm clock settings for heaven’s sake. 
Of course it isn’t a pain for themjust the ones the changes are being imposed uponi.e. the TEACHERS! I am all about change and usually like it, but I like a little input and warning first but I think it may be all settling down nowat least I hope so.
The first 13 days of school have been crazy busy just like the rest of you. I only have 15 kiddos this year, but woo-wee they feel like 20. They are active and chatty, but tons of fun, I think it’s going to be a fun year.
My btb (bestest teacher buddy) and I decided to go with a Duck Dynasty theme for this year. It has been a lot of fun! The first eight days we went on a “duck hunt” around the school to find the different areas of school. We made “duck calls” from wrapping paper rolls, and followed the clues written on the ducks. The kiddos LOVED it!
We had a different activity each day like sippin’ sweet tea with Si, cooking with Miss Kay, we made beards, wore bandannas, and of course camo. It was a fun eight days!
Here are few snapshots of the activities.

I also want to tell you about my GENIOUS idea. While Hadley and I were eating breakfast at the hotel in Dallas this summer I noticed the kids that were making their own cereal to eat. It was magical! I know you are thinking- “really? She must not get out much.” It’s true I don’t but that wasn’t what was so great. It suddenly hit me that this would be so great in the classroomfor snacks!

As soon as I got home I got on Amazon and I found this and ordered it ASAP. After we made our “duck dynasty” snack mix I put it in the dispenser and showed the kids how to use it. HUGE hit! They love being responsible for their own snacks and I love that they are responsible for their own snacks. They get it themselves, it saves time, it saves the mess, and it keeps their grubby hands off of each other’s snack. LOVE it!

You can find this awesome Zevro dispenser on Amazon. But if you are one lucky comment-er you could win one of your own this weekend!  Blog about it and this giveaway and leave a comment to your post here and I’ll have my handy dandy number generator (umm my hubby) pick a winner Monday evening.
I’m off to spend the evening at my favorite lake with my favorite peeps.

Happy New School Year y’all!

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  1. 15 kids? I won't be too jealous since they feel like 20. (I've got 24. Wowza.) Sounds like you're having a good time though.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I can not wait to make the Duck Dynasty mix with my kids! Thank you for sharing!!!!!