Football. Connections, and Reading

I am sitting at home alone tonight watching OSU football. Hubby had to go into work and Hadley stayed in Stillwater to be at the game. If you had told my 15,17 or even 25 year old self that I would one day spend a Saturday night with a football game on my TV by choice, I would have called you crazy.
My dad was a huge football fan. Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday night was spent watching the games and yelling at the television as an arm chair quarterback. All I wanted to do was watch a movie or read. My oldest brother inherited his passion for the sport. The middle brother could take it or leave it. But me, I had no use for it, other than the Friday night games on the home field in Tempe which led to a Friday night dance. I couldn’t care less about the sport.
And yet here I am watching a game I really don’t understand, and at times yelling at the screen of my TV- my dad would be so proud.
What’s changed you ask? I believe it’s the connection. The connection of the school as my alma mater, the connection because it is my son’s alma mater, and the college my daughter attends now. It is because of the connection I have with my kids that believe is the biggest factor of my new found relationship and relevance to the game.
As I am digging into my understanding of this strange phenomenon of watching a sport I used to hate, I realize it’s the same for students and reading.
We ask kids to read every day. In first grade it is embedded in everything we do.
“See spot run. Run spot run. Dot the fox can hop. Hop dot hop. A pig in a wig.”
And on and on. They are the stories the kids have to read. They are often necessary for that reading development. 
But, it is not until they make that connection with a book or story that they realize the importance and enjoyment for reading. It isn’t until they feel that connection that they find relevance in what we are doing.
This week in first grade we are going to be working on making connections in reading. Who knows I may even find a few football books to pull out. I’ll bet I have a few OSU fans that will have a huge connectionespecially after tonight’s win! Go Pokes! 
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  1. I'm trying to catch up on some posts I know I'll like, & this is one, Tammy. You are so right about the connections. I hope you'll write again about what the young ones find!