It's a Tough Question

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I had someone ask me the other day about where I see myself five years, ten years from now. I was at a loss as to how to answer this question. It had been a long time since anyone had asked it of me. I was asked numerous times when I was in college. It was of course one of the many questions when I applied for my teaching position. It was even a question I often asked myself, until recently.
As I think back on my hesitance I realize it’s because I have stopped asking myself where I do see myself in five or ten years.
In college the answer was easy. I wanted to be a first grade teacher. As I applied for my teaching position I wanted to teach at my school. But those both became a reality, and for some reason I have stopped asking.
Does that mean I have a loss of vision? I hope not. Does it mean I am destined to be in the same spot I am right now for the next ten years. I don’t know. I am too young to think about retirement and yet too content to want to start completely over.BUt I know I am not too old to meet new challenges. find new adventures, or live new experiences.  I am at that teetering age that doesn’t really seem to have a firm grasp on which way to lean, but am always searching.
And so unbeknownst to this person she has started me on a new path to discovery. I want to discover where I want to see myself in five years, ten years. The personal side is easy. I have my children and husband that are always my destiny. But how can I be true to their future without knowing what I want for my own?
I have a few ideas. I know writing is a big part of it. I see myself writing for enjoyment and a purpose. I have always had, and continue to have the dream of becoming published, can it happen in five years, ten, sooner? Maybe. Something I have always thought about but never voiced was also voiced by this person, and the inkling of it was awakened. 

I have a lot to think about in the next few days. I want to rediscover my vision and then find a plan of action. I am feeling empowered and for the first time in a long time I am invested in my own future. I am excited to see the outcome and find the paths to travel to get there. 
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  1. What's ahead is always a question that lurks. Aren't you working on your master's degree? That certainly plays a part in your future, right? It will be interesting to see how the future unfolds.

  2. student teacher just asked me this exact question and I also thought about how much harder it was to answer now than when I was in college. It gave me a lot to think about as well, which I think is part of the challenge that I enjoy when hosting a student teacher. I need to spend more time thinking this question's time to update my vision!

  3. I believe you could say you were just hit with a lightning bolt Tammy! What a great thing to have happened. I just bought The Power of Habit because so many were talking about it, haven't started it yet, but wonder if it would be helpful to you? Best wishes!

  4. Such a hard question! I thought I would know the answer by this time-- I'm a never-married empty nester, at the point in my career when people are asking when I'm going to retire (not soon, I hope!) Really wondering what is next. Hope you will be writing more about this, maybe it will give me some ideas.