A Challenge and a Blessing

Ok I have to admit I have been bad about blogging lately. For a while I’ve felt as if I have lost myself somewhere along the way. 
I’ve felt as if I have been caught up in the blogging/TpT whirlwind, and although it has been fun and very gratifying at times…it sometimes just didn’t feel like me.
It wasn’t until my conversation with Stacey (Two Writing Teacher’s) and her question of where I see myself in five years that I realized I’m really not sure where I see myself…now.
It is very unusual for me. I am a planner and almost always have a vision of where I need to go and how I’m getting there. Except now.
Maybe it’s my age. Hormones. Empty Nest. The difficulty of my year thus far. Or just life. I just feel…different, lost.
And so I’ve been searching. I’ve been reading my go to blogs, and my go to books hoping to find inspiration. 
 It was on this journey that I found this 31 day challenge. Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers and ironically the past half of the Two Writing Teachers-Ruth Ayers.
She blogged about the challenge here, and I found the challenge here at the Nesting Place. I think it can help me find my way. I am hopeful.
I am a few days off, but I am poised and ready to start with my challenge. I have decided on-

                                  “31 Days of Classroom Smiles”

This year has been one of my more trying ones and I believe if I can look past the trying stuff and find the happiest parts of each day it will be better for me… and my kiddos.
I’m going to start with just a small one from this past week. It has it’s not so nice side, but if you’re a teacher or a parent you will appreciate the humor.

While helping one of my sweet young ones with a worksheet at my reading table she felt of her paper and then with eyes wide said-
“Huh! It’s dry!” 
“What’s dry,” I inquired. 
“My paper,” she explained. 
“Why was it wet” I asked puzzled. 
She grinned and explained-“I bless you'd all over it.”

She made me smile all the rest of the day, and even still as I write about it.  

Bless you to all! May all your papers be forever dry! 


  1. Tammy, I started reading, then had to move over to Ruth's and then the 31 days post to see what you were referring to. This sounds very cool, & I'll follow you all the way through! I'm sorry it's been a rough time lately (or maybe more than that). You don't share much about this & always seem so upbeat, so when you share that things aren't so great, I believe it's very true! You've sent me so many hugs these past months that now I'm sending a bunch back! Here's to your "Classroom Smiles". You're off to a great start!

  2. So good to read this and that cute story!!!
    Here's to a great week!!!!

  3. I think I know how you feel, Tammy. We're around the same age and I think there's something about your 50s. It just makes you start looking at things differently and questioning aspects of your life. I hope this challenge helps you sort through things a bit :)

  4. What a great way to start my day! Thank you for the kind words, hugs and encouragement!

  5. Tammy, I've been feeling too negative for a while now. I've been frustrated with more and more being piled on us by the district. My principal giving us a lesson plan format that takes forever to complete and a very challenging class. I found that if I look for good, it is out there...it just doesn't seem jump out at you like the negative. Thanks for this post! BTW: I love your new design! ; )
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