A Good Day

I know how to make a group of first graders smileand whoop and holler, and think that I am the best teacher in the world school.
Line them all up. Make them stand in line while all the other classes are sent in. Stand there and look over the top of your sun glasses at them, as if you are expecting something. Then with the most serious look you can muster tell them they get an extra five minutes with the playground to themselves!
I was their hero.
It was too pretty to go in today. The weather was amazing, and it soon won’t be so we took advantage.
As I watched them play they took turns coming up and thanking me with hugs. But one little guy came up to me and said “if I had money I’d pay you!”  Cracked me up. I took my payment in hugs!
I listened to some of the kids playing and one group was playing “horses.” They were making up names for themselves. One of my girlies told her friend he could be “Electric.” He said nah I want to be “Whitelightning” it’s my “end name!”
I had to laugh his- “end name” instead of last name. And yep that really is his end name!  
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  1. Those little ones give lots of smiles, don't they, Tammy? What a nice teacher you are! I'd give them extra too!