A Smile, A Slice, and Enlightenment

Tomorrow is Friday!! Not really but it feels like it for me because it is our last day this week and then our two day fall break! Woo hoo so ready for a break. 
I’m afraid this might be one of those years when I count down the days between each break. You kinda worry when the gym teacher brings your class back and says to you “if I had this class all day I’m afraid I’d have to quit teaching.” And she only has them 30 minutes a day 3 days a week!!! YIKES!

Today we got our feet wet with “how to” writing. I first asked if any of them knew how to make a PB&J sandwich. Oh yeah! They ALL knew how to make one of those. SO I asked one little sweetie to tell me. “You get two pieces of bread, put peanut butter on it then jelly, then you put the other piece of bread on top.” Ok I said, and wrote just what I was told.
I then said ok now let me illustrate what you told me. I drew two pieces of bread, a jar of PB and a jar of jelly. Then I drew the PB&J being dumped in a pile, and a piece of bread being put on top.
BOY did that get a roar! NOOO you have to put it on the bread with a knife! Ohhh I said you didn’t tell me that!
We then discussed the importance of details and using words like first, next, last, and finally.
I then asked if they had something they could teach others and of course they all did. 
After writing for a while I asked them to find a stopping point.
I then paired them up and told them to read what they had written to their partner and the partner was to illustrate what they had written. BINGO!
They could really tell if they had enough details or not because like my heap of peanut butter next to the bread the illustrations told what they had written-not what they thought they had written.

We spent the second half of the day working in groups to “build” leaf people and animals.let’s just that was an eye opener too!

My smile comes from my dimpled cutie today. He came in smiling and handed me a smiley cup! I wonder if he has been reading my blog!  


  1. Lots of fun things going on in your classroom before fall break!

    Enjoy the upcoming time off, Tammy.

  2. I completely empathize with your words, "I’m afraid this might be one of those years when I count down the days between each break." I am off to a year like this, too! Sounds like the PBJ analogy really got the students thinking - here's to more details!!

  3. I've done similar lessons with my older students, Tammy! What fun it is to see if they can really write the 'how-to' directions! It sounds like there's some fun in class, but you are really working hard, I can tell. Great slice to hear, love the cup!

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