A Thief!

Well ok we did not get a lot of work done in first grade today. We did reading and math, language and phonics buttttt not in the way some would calltypical.
We kinda had a visitorkinda. We didn’t see him, but we know he was thereor had been theresomewhere.
The teacher (aka me) was not happy. 
Well she was at first. Someone (we don’t know who) left the teacher (me) a beautiful jar filled with candy corn. It was so pretty and looked so yummywe just don’t know who the nice person was that left it.
Butthen it disappeared! While we were gone. Just vanished off the table where it was on display. The teacher was NOT happy! Who would do such a thing while we were out of the room? It just was not nice. Then we saw it. The note. From the one that TOOK our treats.
IT WAS THE CANDY CORN BANDIT! He is a candy corn stealer apparently, and he ran off with OURS!
He did leave some clues. So we made some predictions and followed the clues alllllll over the school. NO ONE had seen the guy. 
There was talk that he was in someone named Josie’s class, but no one knew who Josie was...a few kindergartners just knew they had seen himbut couldn’t tell us whereor what he looked like. 
The gym teacher had not seen him. Mr. Bob our janitor had not noticed him sneaking around. The librarian had no clue where he could be, and the teacher’s on duty could not help us at all.
Finally we found the last clue that sent us back to our room. And what do you know! Our candy corn had appeared again. With a note! From that sneaky bandit!
Some were convinced he knows that sneaky e guy and that they could be working in cahoots.
Here’s a warning to all you trick or treaters tomorrow night! Keep your candy corn close or that sneaky bandit will snatch it out of sight!
If you’d like to check out the Candy Corn Bandit you can here it was made by Abby Mullins at The Inspired Apple and it will make you smile wider than you have in a long time!     

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