CEL-E- BRATE Good Times! Come On!

Today for my smile I’m linking up with one of my favorite blog and book authors Ruth Ayers from Discover, Play, Build for her new Saturday linky “Celebrate!”

Discover. Play. Build.

It is a way to celebrate just about anything that is going right in your teaching, writing, learningor just plain life.
And since I have also linked up with the 2013 31 day writing challenge that is what I’m celebrating today as a trial linky run. It’s a double whamy!
I am celebrating that this entire week I have done my best to look past the riga-ma-row of day to day classroom life and find something every day to smile and blog about.
Not only do I feel good about focusing on the positive, I feel even better about writing and blogging every day this week. 
It feels so good to get back into blogging for the reason I startedmy love of writing.
So YAY! Let’s CELEBRATE together and link up with Ruth for her Saturday Celebrations! 
Because who doesn’t love a party I tell you?? I know do! 


  1. What a perfect celebration! I'm a little jealous that you are participating in the 31 Days challenge. You've chosen a great topic. I'm looking forward to reading more of your "smiles."

  2. Finding something every day to smile and blog about - that's something to celebrate!

  3. Finding smiles in every day makes each day worth celebrating. Blogging every day is admirable. I think that you won't stop after the challenge. It might become a habit.

  4. Finding something to smile about every day. I bet your kids are catching your positiveness, creating a fun, learning environment. Congrats on blogging daily!

  5. It's been a week of 'smiles' for me to read your posts, Tammy! Happy celebration every day!