Discover. Play. Build.

Today I am joining up with Ruth at Discover, Play, Build for her weekly linky party of Celebrations!
I’m not really in the celebration mode today. My home computer crashed and I am lost. I had just wrote a poem for today and it is gone and I can’t remember everything I wroteL.
But then the good news is I took it to the computer guy and he said it should be fixed by Monday, but it’s the hard drive and he’s not sure how much he can save. I will celebrate when he tells me all is saved. Funny how we become to rely on these things so much.  
I am celebrating that my girl came home for the weekend. She always brings a smile.
I am also celebrating that this was only a four day week and all my teacher conferences are through for the next few months. Woo Hoo!
Hope you’ve had an amazing weekend and find something small or significant to Celebrate!


  1. Oh, I hope he can recover everything for you!!!
    Glad your daughter is home!

  2. PS I like your new blog look!! :)

  3. Happy four day week and a visit from your daughter. I lost much of the data once, and actually it was nice to start again. Hope you can look at it that way, but sorry for the messiness of it. Best to you on Monday!

  4. My daughter came home for a visit this weekend too and I got to spend time with all 3 of my grown children. That will make any mom smile, won't it? I hope your computer gets fixed soon! Have a great week next week.