Ch, Ch, Changes...

Sometimes I miss my first blog. The one I made first a few years ago. The one that I dipped my toe into the blogging pool for. It was the one that set me on my way and opened the door to so many wonderful blogging finds and friendships.
I began as First Grade and Fence Post. That was how I came to know the Slice ofLife Community, how I learned about so many wonderful writers and teachers.
It was me.
It was where I put the words of my children’s and student’s lives. It was where I wrote about my learning, living, and love of writing. It was where I met such people as Linda, Elsie, Michelle, Ruth and Christy, and so many more. These people welcomed me and helped me grow.
But then I changed and so did my blog. I wanted to grow and venture into the fast paced world of “teacher blogs.” And oh it was fun. I discovered Teeny, the Parade, Made for 1st Grade, and so, so many more. I learned from them as well, and grew in other ways.
I have grown and I have changed as we all do from time to time. And yet lately I find myself coming back full circle and back to my roots. I am still that fence post forever grounded in the love of writing. But now I live at Storybook Café and it’s ok.  
I continue to grow and learn from such amazing friends, and find a few more along the way.
I have found new blogs that inspire me and make me think such as Firefly Trails and Teaching Young Writers.
Whether fence posts or storybook I am still the same person, the same blogger, and the still the same gatherer of words, friends, and blogs. 
And I am glad.
My smile today comes from my bestest friends’ student teacher. We had a luncheon for Mr. Principal today for “bosses day” and she told me MY potato soup was much better than the Pioneer Woman’s! Woot Woot! 


  1. I'm thankful for your blog, no matter how it's changed. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I had forgotten Tammy, that you started with the Fence Post idea. What a long while ago it seems, yet it couldn't have been that long really. Funny story about your soup-so glad she didn't think you were the "pioneer woman"! Every day is a new adventure isn't it? Thanks for the mention-I've loved our relationship too! Cheers!

  3. I remember that first blog too and the writing you shared. Wow. Sure, you branched out, tried a new blogging platform, connected with many expert teachers and shared many great ideas and resources. But, deep down, like you said, you are still you. What is most important that you are continue to write and share with the world. I'm glad I stumbled on this post today . . . I was always curious. Personally, I like the simplicity and focus of your Fence Posts blog, but you know what you need and want to do to continue to grow as a teacher and writer. :) Thanks for the mention Tammy. I've missed visiting your words.