Cheesy Grins and No Weigh!

The hardest part about finding a smile in every day is remembering to write down the funny stuff that happens. I remember thinking that’s funny, I need to write it downand then I forgot. And of course it was such a crazy busy day I can’t remember what it was.
That’s because I was so busy teaching and enlightening young minds not because I’m old and can’t remember to make my lunch every morning much less what my cute kiddos have saidJ
I do remember what another adult said to me though. She came out while I was on playground duty and asked “how have you lost so much weight?” WHAT??? I haven’t lost any weight. I have been walking, and trying to lose weight but the scale hasn’t budged. But her words made me smile and made me feel pretty darn good.
Yay for sweet coworkers who make your day!

I do have a picture of one of my cuties for you. I had his sister last year. Look at those dimples how can that cheesy grin not make you smile every day? It does me! And he brought me a yummy snack today too!   


  1. I'm just like you, I'll think to myself oh that's so cute, I need to write that down. I always think I will remember it, but I seldom do. And it's NOT because I am old either! haha
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. He's so cute, & I do love dimples, Tammy, also puns, as in "no weigh"-Clever!