From Smiles to Thanks

Today is the last day of the 31 day writing challenge. I made it almost the whole 31 days. I started a few days late and missed a couple of days throughout but all in all I did pretty well. And I feel better.
I feel back to my old self where I wrote just because... not for the purpose of entertaining, enlightening, or entangling. Writing is my outlet- my way of letting go after a long day or trying week. I’m glad I did the challenge to remember and reflect. It is empowering.

Now that I have this challenge down I am on to one I am super excited about. 30 Days of Thanks. I can see so much coming from this. I skimmed the surface with this challenge last year on Facebook. But this year I want it to be more.
It is going to be a thought provoking, soul deepening challenge and you can find it here if you’d like ride along.

For my last smile I’ll leave you with a peek of the spread that my room mother put together today. Wowser are these kiddos lucky! It was a great party. One of my kiddos asked me what I was dressing up as tonightI told her a mean teacher. She paused and looked at me not sure what to say. I told her I was practicing right now. She grinned and said noooo you’re not a mean teacher. Whew! Glad I’ve got her tricked!! 

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  1. I missed some, but was glad to read the posts along the way, Tammy. No, you are not a mean teacher! Happy Halloween, best to you in the next challenge!