Is It a First Grader, a Bear, or a First Grade Bear?

Finally Friday! Yay! And next week is a three day week and then Fall break! Woo hoo this teacher is ready for that!
Today was fire prevention day. We made the cutest little firemen books and of course practiced fall and crawl and stop, drop and roll.
I love Friday’s not only because, well, it’s Friday, but because it’s the day I send my home family involvement journals. The kiddos love them. It’s so funny to watch them wait to see which one their name is called for to take home-"for two whole days!" 
 Where oh where has Kate gone? 
How can you not smile at these happy kiddos?

The favorites are the journals of course are the ones with stuffed animals and it is hilarious to watch them make their way to the bus with ol Mr. Ted. E. Bear. I’m thinking the bus driver is probably not too happy with me and my journals because Mr. Bear probably needs a whole seat to himself.
I promised this weekend I would make some new ones. I’m thinking I need to dig through Hadley's old stuffed animal collection!