Jacuzzi's and Scarecrows!

Just a quick post tonight I want to go and comment to the people I missed Saturday because I was out of town. I tell you if you haven’t visited Ruth’s Celebration day on Saturday’s you really need to try and make it there this Saturday. Not only are the celebrations great the community of “celebraters” is amazingly uplifting!
My weekend away was SO wonderful. I.did.not. want to come back. The hotel room had a fireplace and Jacuzzi tub! Wowser!
We had the Cheesecake Factory TWICE! The kids joined us on Sunday so they of course had to go toopumpkin cheesecake for me on Saturday and key lime on Sunday! Yummmo!
Here are a few snapshots of the wedding venue. It was so pretty and so perfect. Of course Hadley had to try out the swing.

And I have a new favorite store! Garden Ridge! So cool!!
My classroom smile comes from one of my little girls today. This group of kiddos has a tendency tolet’s say.”zone out”a lotso today when I noticed one of my darlings not giving me her full attention while discussing nouns, I tried to refocus her by calling on her to answer the question.
Me reading the sentence-“The scarecrow scared away the birds.” J. which word is the noun?
J.- as serious as can be-“because they were eating the corn!”
I had to laugh and stop what I was doing to write it down.
We have great schema for anything country here in Oklahoma!!
Ok I think I said this would be shortI really have to do report cardsL
Smile y’all Thanksgiving in a few short weeks away!  

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  1. Hard to think the little ones are already saying "zone out"! I'm glad you had an awesome trip, Tammy. It all sounds spectacular!