Leaf Man Lands in First Grade!

Day 2 of my classroom smiles and the 31 day challenge brings some cute leaves and fun writing. Today we read the book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.
This book is always a hit with my kiddos. They love the illustrations and the unique way the book is crafted. But the best part is the search for Leaf man in his page by page adventures.
I saw this cute bulletin board on Pinterest by A Year of Many Firsts and decided I had to do it. The ducks from the first days of school were getting a little tired and we needed a pick-me-up for back to school night.

Here is a snapshot of our door and the leaf people we made today. Each one is hold a note to greet our guests that says if I were a leaf floating on a breeze I would go to_____ and I while I was there I would______.
We have leaves flying everywhere from Dallas to China and doing everything from chasing Kamodo Dragons to buying new clothes. One little guy wanted to go to the edge of the world and sky dive down! Where do they come up with this stuff?
Tomorrow we will be collecting leaves to send home to see what our families can come up with for “leaf ?” as a family involvement project!
There were lots of smiles in first grade today! Including mine.   

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  1. Oh, very cute, Tammy-love the idea of the kids imagining what a leaf could do, & with those googley eyes! Congrats on day two!