Mash-Up Freebie and Con-Sens-O-Grams

I’ve been fiddling around with my school computer today. I made a few things in power point. I’m not so sure about this PP 2013 yet but I made mash-up of odds and ends and they look ok to me. If you’d like a copy you can grab them here.

Maybe first I should explain the Noun Consensus page. We are just finishing up nouns and heading toward verbs and adjectives, but first I need to know where my kiddos are with nouns. Monday we will take a “consensus” and make a con-sens-so-gram.
I begin by taking a poll of how they feel about nouns. Do they know them well enough to teach them? Do they know them well enough to differentiate them in sentences? Or do they still feel unsure of what they are and how to use them? 
I build a chart with these questions. I then give them a dauber to put a dot in the space they “feel” about nouns (or any subject matter).
Then I assess. I will give them each a sheet about nouns that I made up. After I grade the assessment I then give them a different color of dauber to place their mark according to how they scored on the assessment.
You can really tell A LOT from this assessment. Who is thinking what. Who you need to continue working with. Who has it. Who doesn’t. And the visual is put up to remind me (and them) where we need to go!
I do a lot of “Con-Sens-O-Grams” in my class! Do you?   They make me smile! 
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  1. I love your “Con-Sens-O-Grams”. I feel behind in the times, I have never done that with my class. I have done something similar during staff meeting. thanks for the idea, I'll be using it this week. Also thank you for the freebies!
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