Presto, Change-o A- Door- Able

What’s a teacher to do when she gets the memo that the classroom door has to be decorated today for red ribbon week? Why she decorates her door of coursesort of.
Remember that super cute door I made for back to school night? The one with the cute colored leaves that we hung on top of the camo paper we used for the first week of school? Yeah that one!
Well genius crazy teacher that I am I left those cute little googley eyed leaves on the doorripped off delicately removed the writing about fall. Had the kiddos write “Leave drugs alone” on red paper. Replaced the notes in the cute lil’ leaves “hands” and Presto Change-o a red ribbon week a-door-able door!

And best of all? I.Am.Done. why red ribbon week is this week I have no idea. But on the plus side it is dress up week, so that means jeans for the teacher all week! That makes me smile! 


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