Questions and a Ruined Life

Who can keep from smiling when a book like this shows up on your doorstep? I saw this book at Amazon the other day and knew I just had to have it.

I LOVE it.
I had to of course share it first thing this morning. The kiddos love it!
It has the best wonder type questions and the illustrations are so great. I used it today to introduce questions. Tomorrow we will be painting our own illustrations and making a wondering question to go with each picture, which I’m sure will add up to all kinds of wonderful science exploration. I can hardly wait to see what unfolds.
Another smile escaped today when one of my more.should I say handfuls gave me a woeful tale of why he always seems to get in trouble during recess.
He told me he just wanted his “old” life back and that the reason for his misery (another little boy) had just “ruined his life.” I couldn’t help it I laughed out loud hugged him up and reminded him he was only six, his life was far from “ruined” and he is too young to have an “old” life.
It was a smiling good day in first grade.
Tomorrow is Thursday an entire day of duty and no planning time. I’m going to have to dig hard for those smiles!

In other news my email was hacked todayL All my contacts were wiped out and my friends were asked to send me money in Cyprus. Really? Why do people do this? Good Grief.    


  1. I like your 31 days of smiles idea and writing so far. It's nice to remember to look at the positive. And I guess I haven't been to your blog in a whole, the new design looks very nice! Have a great Thursday! Sara

  2. I got that email about sending you money. :) Bummer and ugh, but I'm glad you found some other things to smile about.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First