Slices, Smiles, and Sentences!

Today was a great day for learning. We spent the morning wondering how the “desk fairy” gets into our classroom, and how the pumpkin arrived on Mrs. Klinger’s desk.
We discussed the difference between statements, questions, and exclamatory sentences.
We then used our pumpkin, some chart paper, and a marker to practice what we learned. We broke into groups. One group generated questions, one did statements, and one did exclamatory. 
Presto!  Instant KWL chart via the kiddos, and sentence writing practice as well.

During Writing Workshop we talked about voice in our writing. I asked if anyone could tell me what voice is. One little guy raised his hand and said- “It’s what you use when you want people to hear you!” These children are brilliant I tell you!
I have one engagement picture to share only oneit’s the teaser the photographer put on Facebook.  It is gorgeouseven without faces! 


  1. “It’s what you use when you want people to hear you!”
    This IS brilliant!

  2. Kids are so smart with their straightforwardness. Love the pictures!

  3. Love hearing all about the motivation one pumpkin can be, Tammy. And love the engagement pic-a little enticement there!

  4. I love your little guy's thinking about voice! “It’s what you use when you want people to hear you!” I'm going to borrow that. Please tell him thank you!

    Love the learning happening every day in your classroom. Thanks for sharing.

    Congrats on the engagement of your son and future-daughter-in-law! What fun to come!

  5. Oh, I love the engagement picture. So so sweet.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. I think I just might have to borrow your KWL topic for my ESL students this coming week! Too good to pass! Thanks for making my day!