Smiles From Maine

Our state has adopted the Marzano Teacher and Leader Evaluation Model like many other states have this past year, and this year.
I was so excited to find Kimberly’s posts about it on her blog First in Maine. They too have adopted Marzano. She is at the first stages of the evaluation process at her school, but unlike us she has had some training in the process. I am so excited to keep up with her posts to see if I am on track and to have someone to converse with about the whole process.
So my smile today comes all the way from Maine! Thanks Kimberly!
One more thingone of the domains states that:
Reflecting on Teaching
Evaluating Personal Performance
50. Identifying Areas of Pedagogical
Strength and Weakness
51. Evaluating the Effectiveness of
Individual Lessons and Units
52. Evaluating the Effectiveness of
Specific Pedagogical Strategies
and Behaviors

Developing and Implementing a
Professional Growth Plan
53. Developing a Written Growth
and Development Plan
54. Monitoring Progress Relative to
the Professional Growth and
Development Plan

Do you think my blog will work for this? LOL

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  1. I believe our posts capture quite a lot of the teaching we do, Tammy, and you've been writing about your work for a while now-connects to that list above well, should help you do whatever you are required to do. Happy to hear your Maine connection too-should help from there too!