Throwback Thursday and Redo's

Since I haven’t blogged about my kids lately I thought I would do the whole Throwback Thursday thingy (that’s a lot of th’s).

This is a picture of all of us two years ago on top of the Capulin Volcano in New Mexico-Kanten and his then girlfriend now fiancé –Deanna, Hadley, Donnie, and me. 
It was a great trip filled with laughs and fun, as well as yummy authentic Mexican food.
This weekend we get to all get together again. We’re meeting in Tulsa to visit the wedding venue with Deanna’s parents. I can hardly wait. We get to see the venue and check out the gorgeous fall scenery of eastern Oklahoma.
Throwback Thursday got me to thinking about redos. You know those things that you like so much you want to do over and over again- like a favorite song or favorite book.
I have a lot of books that I redo- reread. It started at an early age. In grade school I reread Anne Frank so often I felt like knew the attic by heart. In junior high I reread The Outsiders so much my book fell apart, and I considered naming my first son “Pony Boy.”  
I still do the same today. I save books I love so that I can reread them on breaks and during the cold winter evenings.
There’s something comforting and familiar about a story you feel you’re apart of because you know where it’s heading.
This is something I hope for my kiddos as I teach them to read. I often reread mentor texts and favorite stories just because the kids love them so much, and I want them to do the same. I want them to seek out books because of the connection of familiarity and comfort they find in them. Not because they’re a certain level or have so many words per page.
Throwback Thursday is fun. I think I may implement it in my classroom, because who doesn’t love to have a reason to reread your favorite stories?

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