Vowels at Our Fingertips...Literally!

Do you let your kids write on themselves? It is writing after allWell I don’t let them write on themselves.BUT! I write on them.

We have been having trouble with long vowels. They seem to be able to read most long vowels when prompted with the rules, but to tell what a long vowel or what a short vowel is or when to use which sound-is beyond many of them.
So today we worked on the two different sounds for each (I know there are more but one step at a time).
I first wrote the vowels in blue on one hand and we went through the short vowel sounds. 
I then wrote the vowels in red on their other hand, and practiced holding up two vowels together to make the long sounds. I had vowel sounds flying all over the room.
To tie it all together I handed out sticky notes (two different colors) to search for long and short vowels in our story from today.
That is where the real learning took off. I could tell from each sticky note who was getting it and who wasn’t.
Instead of just pointing it out and going over the rules, we had our vowels at our fingertips to practice and relate to!  
The smiles really popped up at lunch when it was time to wash our hands, so many were reeeaaaalllllyyy careful NOT to wash the vowels away! 


  1. Tammy, what a terrific and fun idea! I love it when I do something that really shows a breakthrough in a child's understanding! Thanks for sharing. I just started a 2 week fall break today, I'll pin the idea so I won't forget it. :)
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. I like hearing about them 'flying' all over, Tammy. What fun to make this learning 'stick'!

  3. How fun and engaging! I like the idea of putting their fingertips together to see what sounds they'd get.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First