Celebrating The Love of Innocence

Discover. Play. Build.

Today is the day to celebrate and I am of course linking up with Ruth at Discover, Play, Build to do just that. I know that a lot of my blogging friends are at NCTE this week and I am not, so I am NOT celebrating that. But I am celebrating the anticipation of reading all their posts about the amazingness of it all.
This week we had the REACH3 coaches come for a quick visit and to talk to us about writing in our classrooms. They are state department coaches that visit to help schools succeed. They opened with a big congratulations to us for once again being an “A+” school. I don’t really believe in all this school grading stuff, but I do think we have a great school and staff so I am celebrating our school and the amazing people that work there, along with the families that attend.
Yesterday was “teddy bear” day in our class. We wore our jammies, brought our favorite bears and read stories, learned bear facts, wrote interesting details, and graphed about bears. 
The highlight of the day was when I noticed the snow flurries outside.
Our windows are too tall for the kiddos to get a good look out of,  so I had them line up without telling them where we were going just that they had to be very quiet and sneaky. I took them to the front door and had them look out the quiet did not last long. There is nothing more fun than the excitement of a child’s sighting of the first snow fall of the yeareven if it only lasts about five minutes.

This week I sliced about my dilemma of Christmas gifts this year. I’m afraid some of you that don’t know my personality and my smart assiness  sarcasm may have miss understood ( and maybe some that do know it). I by no means think my kids ruin any part of Christmas or anything else in my world. 
They’re just a bunch of fun suckers I’m Kidding!!! They are the most amazing, giving, loving young adults and I am so very proud of them today and always.
We as a family have always found a family to give to at Christmas and I will continue to do so.  I have found a special one this year.  
Sometimes (ok a lot of times) I just wish I could squish my kiddos back into my babies this time of year and relive the excitement of Christmas morning. The want of it all are my issues. YIKES! I have turned into my mother! J
On a sadder more serious note I was talking to one of my kiddos yesterday about the bear he’d brought and asked him if Santa had brought it to him. He said no. I asked what he was going to ask Santa for this year this was his reply- “We don’t get to ask Santa for anything.” “The firemen bring us things for Christmas like food for the winter and stuff.”
I asked if he got to ask the firemen for toys knowing full well he didn’t because my husband happens to be one of those firemen.
He shook his head no he said they just bring us things (it’s him, his dad, and an older brother). Well I said if you could ask Santa for something what would it behe just looked at me unsure what to say. Finally he whispered “well there is one thing I would like.” “What,” I asked as I held my breath. “A scooter,” as he quickly ducked his head as if in shame.  
Guess what this boy will be getting from a special fireman this year? I wish I could be a fly on the wallI am celebrating his willingness to confined in me every day until then. 


  1. First snow already? I think it is almost a story book scene with kids in PJs looking at the snowflakes. The story of the little boy could be in a book too.

  2. Your story about that little boy brought tears to my eyes. I hope you share the story of when he gets that scooter! I can't wait to read it!

  3. What a lucky fireman you'll be hugging Christmas day.

  4. We had our first snow yesterday. I always love that first snow...my fourth graders still get excited about it. Thank you for sharing the story of your little boy who wants a scooter. He is going to be one happy little guy come Christmas time. :)