Christmas Really is About the Gifts!

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When you have adult kids they tend to ruin Christmas. They just aren't a lot of fun in their pursuit of Christmas spirit! They want money for Christmas, but I still want to buy gifts. Money is not a gift to wrap and place tenderly under my tree. It's stuffed in an envelope and have no ribbons or bows...My kids think I have a problem. They think I am too materialistic when it comes to Christmas and only care about the gifts that come with it. They don’t understand my need to find the perfect gift to make their Christmas special and one to remember. I don’t know if I understand it either.
I think it started at a young age. I can remember begging my dad to take me shopping to find just the right gift for my mom, and vice versa for my mom and brothers. I can still remember sneaking into the store my mom was working at just before she got off to buy her the shiny gold key chain flashlight. I had been saving my money to get it for her. I just knew she would love it. She had mentioned it was hard to see the car door to unlock it when she had to work nights. I don’t remember how I felt when she opened it, but I do remember how I felt picking it out and buying it for her at the tender age of seven or eight.
It’s really not the gift that matters. It’s the fact that someone has taken the time to go out and find or make something they think you will really enjoy or like. It's the suspense and anticipation of seeing their faces of Christmas morn. It's the ribbons and wrappings and staying up late to get it all done. It's the sneaking and hiding and trying not blab what you have done. And it's the knowing that because you took the extra time you've made someone's Christmas day happy and maybe a fond memory. 
I usually have my kids make a Christmas list because let’s face it no one wants a bunch of things they already have or don’t like. I try to get some of the things on the list. But I also try to find something they hadn’t thought of, something they had mentioned in passing, or pointed out sometime throughout the year. I like the looks on their faces when they tear open their packages and find just what they’ve been wanting, or surprised by something they had never thought of.
The joy on their faces when they were young made me teary every year when they walked into a room filled with treasures from Santa. It was never a lot. But always things they had dreamed of or I thought they would love. I can still remember the squeals of the newly discovered puppy, the riding of a new bike in the house because it was too cold to go out, a son’s first shot gun, and my daughter’s first bow (the hunting kind).  
Money will not produce this gratification I’m afraid. At least not for me. I will try. I will have to be content in the fact that they are home, healthy and happy and still enjoy being here for Christmas. I believe I can live with that. 
That really is my favorite gift- but I wouldn’t want them to find out!   


  1. It's different, & now that I have grandchildren, that fills the gap, Tammy. What we did for a while before the babies came was we each bought one gift for each other, & filled each other's stockings. They were to be little gifts we all thought the others would love. It helped bridge that time; I know exactly what you mean! Hope you get it all worked out!

  2. My family and I are having this discussion, too. I love being together at my parent's house. I don't need ANYTHING and if I do, I'll buy it.
    Last night, I suggested finding someone that actually has a need, buying it, then telling me about it. It was a no-go.
    We'll see what we end up with :)