So Much to Celebrate!

Discover. Play. Build.

So much to celebrate this week! 2013 is quickly dwindling and I am feeling that added rush to try and fit everything in.
I'm linking up with Ruth Ayers at Discover, Play, Build to celebrate! You should too! 

My teacher friends and I went to OKC this week to a conference about iPads and helping struggling readers. I didn’t learn a whole lot about the iPad but I did learn how to make a cute little book and discovered a new children’s book. So I am celebrating that! I always say a conference is worthwhile if I come away with at least one new resource or activity to use.

This week I took a few moments to redo my classroom door. My friend and I attended a state conference this summer where the Keynote speaker said if you can only do one thing this year to make you feel better decorate your door, at least do that. So bestest buddy and I decided that would be our thing. We would keep our door decorated this year. I have combed pinterest to find inspiration and came up with this for November. The kiddos love it. I had one kindergarten cutie stop, peak in, and say-“your turkey is hilarious!” Such big words for a small guy.

Another turkey project we did this week was these beautiful gobblers! We sketched, outlined, used pastels, and finally painted. It was great fun and they turned out so nice. Such talented kids!

Lookee what came in the mail for me this week!! I can hardly wait to have a cold rainy day so I can crack it open and not be interrupted. I am for sure celebrating this gem.

And finally today I am celebrating the birth of my amazing baby boy. Who is 24 today. I never knew how wonderful life could be until he (and later his sister) were placed in my arms. Happy Birthday Kanten!  


  1. I "a-door" the door! I am definitely keeping this picture for next year. It is so nice to see kids still art in the classroom, because it seems like the fun is slipping away very quickly. You will love Celebrating Writers! Have a great week!

  2. Happy birthday celebrations! Happy door and window art! Happy reading! Don't wait for a rainy day, find a bit time every day to read your new book. Celebrating Writers gives energy and inspiration.

  3. I love your door idea! And the fact that you are making time for kids to create and paint! I looked at CELEBRATING WRITERS at the bookstore yesterday. Am dying to buy it and will probably break down soon! It looks terrific! Hope you get to celebrate your son with a great big piece of birthday cake!