For the Love of Jon...and Kristin

You all know how much I love my kids, and how much I talk about them. I cannot even imagine if at some point in their young lives (or now) what it would be like if something had happened to them. It would end me.
This Christmas my daughter raised over 500$ in cash and gifts for a young boy at here day care (she works there part time while in school) that was diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer at the age of 4. In a single parent family and with 4 children under the age of five. I cannot even imagine.   
Maybe that’s why Kristin’s post hit me so hard. Or maybe it’s because although miles apart I have come to think of her as a friend, a fellow teacher, a fellow blogger, a person to laugh with and now cry for, we have a connection.  
We as teacher’s go through things most people never consider when they think of “teachers.” This past year should be a testimony to that after Sandyhook, and the tornadoes here in Oklahoma. But beyond that it is a day to day stories and lives of these children that affect us the most. Are they hungry? Where are they sleeping? Will they be safe over the break? These are just a few of the worries we teachers are faced with each and every day for our kids, our babies.
To say I know what Kristin is going through would be so unfair. I have no idea how she will get through, how she will feel, how she will face her other babies in the coming days. But I know she is strong. I know she has tremendous faith. And I hope she knows she has a support system that reaches from edge to edge of this country, and there is not one of us between here and there that would not hesitate to help.
So am asking you to read her post. Help if you can. Please.  I did. How could you not For the Love of Jon?


  1. I am overwhelmed.
    Thank you, friend.

  2. Thank you, Tammy! Smiles and stop by anytime!

  3. You must be so proud of your daughter! Thank you for sending to Kristin, I was very happy to be able to help in some small way. Enjoy your little ones, they grow up way too fast.