We've Been Practicing!

We have been practicing for the up and coming Slice of LifeStory Challenge! It starts Saturday! I’m so excited and my kiddos are getting just as excited.
They have been doing so well with their writing, I worried it would be hard for them to “write” on the iPads and computer but they have taken to it like a duck to water as they saylittle ducksand noisy ducks today. BUT they are writing and slicing ducks! 
You can read what they have written so far on the blog I set up for them here: tklingerfirstgradematters.blogspot.com
We have also been reading maniacs in our class. I have sixteen kiddos this year and as of yesterday we they have read over 700 books! I am so proud of them. This time of year makes me kind of sad though. I can always feel the end is drawing near. They are doing more of the leading and I am doing more of the listening. They are more responsible for their reading and I’m just there to suggest, nudge, and praise.
Instead of me reading four and five books in our morning now they are reading that many, and they’re not just wanting to read to me, they want to be the one reading to the whole class!! I want to cry “what about meeeee??” but am so proud of them I keep it to myself.
Of course with all this new found independence comes a new found sense of talkativeness! YIKES were they ornery and chatty today. Can you say time change anyone! Whew!
Don’t forget to check out my kiddos slices! You can learn SO much from a child's writing. And don’t forget to join up to Slice yourself at TWT. You’ll be glad you did! 

Time is Drawing Near Are You Ready?

It’s coming! It’s almost here! Can you see it coming? Can you feel the anticipation? Are you as excited as I am? Have you got your fingers ready, and been gearing up your kids? I have.
I am ready. This is my favorite time of year. It’s time to gear up for the annual Slice of Life Writing challenge hosted by the TWT blog. It is hands down my most favorite time to blog.  And this year I’m inviting you along.
You don’t have to do anything special. You don’t have to buy anything, link anything, pin anything, or create anything. All you have to do is write. Write and connect with other writers, bloggers, and teachers. It is the best way to be a writer and to meet other writers. And who doesn’t need that with the good ol’ common core upon us??
I have been slicing for over five years now. It was my very first experience as a blogger. It brought me to the blogging world. It has made me a better writer, blogger and teacher. It has opened my mind and life to people, places and things I never dreamed were possible in my small world.  
It’s the family of slicers at TWT that has done this for me, and I want you to join in. I want you to have the chance to experience this amazing community of slicers that really care about your life, your writing.
This year I plan to let my kiddos in on this community. We may not get to slice every day, but my goal is that every child will slice.
If you want to learn about this amazing challenge and community of writers sashay on over there tonight and find out what it is all aboutdid I mention there are prizes? Hop over to see what it’s all about. Tell them Tammy sent you and you’re ready to slice away! You’ll be glad that you did! 

Snow Day!

                         Snow Day!
What’s a teacher to do when a snow day is called last minute and she has so much planned to do? Why create a blog of course! A blog for her kiddos of course!
As I watched the huge flakes fall in the predawn hours, pre-school, pre-kids, and pre-start of my day I thought about my kiddos and what we would do today. Then the message came in- No school. Snow Day. So much for plans.
Of course I felt excited who wouldn’t it was a snow day. But I also felt let down. We could have done so much as the snow floated in.
But then it hit me. I could have my kiddos complete activities at home. All I needed was a way to let them know. I of course have access to most of my parents through facebook so I whipped up a blog, posted some activities, then let my families know via Facebook. I had a few parents call to make sure they knew what to do, and saw a few posts of my kiddos doing some of the activities.
I hope when we get back we can add our findings to the blog.
I am also excited to use the blog to stay connected to my kiddos and families, for the Slice of Life Challenge in March, and as a way to add digital writing to our day!
Woo hoo three snowbirds with one stone all because of a snow day!
Check out the activities I posted for my kiddos at T.Klinger's First Grade Matters