Snow Day!

                         Snow Day!
What’s a teacher to do when a snow day is called last minute and she has so much planned to do? Why create a blog of course! A blog for her kiddos of course!
As I watched the huge flakes fall in the predawn hours, pre-school, pre-kids, and pre-start of my day I thought about my kiddos and what we would do today. Then the message came in- No school. Snow Day. So much for plans.
Of course I felt excited who wouldn’t it was a snow day. But I also felt let down. We could have done so much as the snow floated in.
But then it hit me. I could have my kiddos complete activities at home. All I needed was a way to let them know. I of course have access to most of my parents through facebook so I whipped up a blog, posted some activities, then let my families know via Facebook. I had a few parents call to make sure they knew what to do, and saw a few posts of my kiddos doing some of the activities.
I hope when we get back we can add our findings to the blog.
I am also excited to use the blog to stay connected to my kiddos and families, for the Slice of Life Challenge in March, and as a way to add digital writing to our day!
Woo hoo three snowbirds with one stone all because of a snow day!
Check out the activities I posted for my kiddos at T.Klinger's First Grade Matters 


  1. What a great (and dedicated) use of your snow day! I checked out your first grade blog, too! So fun!! I absolutely love the book, "Snow Day" which I assume is the one you were referencing on your classroom blog page. Well done! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh Tammy, you are the best thoughtful teacher! I bet the parents, and of course, the students, loved you! I hope you had a nice day creating, and being in!

  3. I love the fun activities you posted for the students! I can't wait to see how it went!