We've Been Practicing!

We have been practicing for the up and coming Slice of LifeStory Challenge! It starts Saturday! I’m so excited and my kiddos are getting just as excited.
They have been doing so well with their writing, I worried it would be hard for them to “write” on the iPads and computer but they have taken to it like a duck to water as they saylittle ducksand noisy ducks today. BUT they are writing and slicing ducks! 
You can read what they have written so far on the blog I set up for them here: tklingerfirstgradematters.blogspot.com
We have also been reading maniacs in our class. I have sixteen kiddos this year and as of yesterday we they have read over 700 books! I am so proud of them. This time of year makes me kind of sad though. I can always feel the end is drawing near. They are doing more of the leading and I am doing more of the listening. They are more responsible for their reading and I’m just there to suggest, nudge, and praise.
Instead of me reading four and five books in our morning now they are reading that many, and they’re not just wanting to read to me, they want to be the one reading to the whole class!! I want to cry “what about meeeee??” but am so proud of them I keep it to myself.
Of course with all this new found independence comes a new found sense of talkativeness! YIKES were they ornery and chatty today. Can you say time change anyone! Whew!
Don’t forget to check out my kiddos slices! You can learn SO much from a child's writing. And don’t forget to join up to Slice yourself at TWT. You’ll be glad you did! 


  1. I'll check them out a little later, Tammy-dinnertime, but wanted to tell you that 700 books is awesome, & that you're slicing with these little kiddoes-wow. I'll try to look in once in awhile. A friend and colleague is slicing with his students-Max at Teaching From Behind. Look for him too!

  2. I was an aide in a first grade classroom before I became a teacher. I was always amazed at the amount of learning and growth at this age. I left a comment on their blog. That is great they are writing for the challenge!

  3. 700 books is amazing!!! I hope you tell them how amazed people are by that fact.