A Day Full of Cuteness SOL14 #25

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There’s nothing like a kindergartner to make you feel good. I was filling up my water bottle today when this cute little guy be-bops out of the bathroom. “Hi Mrs. T. Klinger” (not to be confused with B. Klinger who is the other first grade teacher).
I have no idea what this cute little guy’s name is, but he is always happy, always. I see him every week at recess duty and he always has a smile and wave for me. Sometimes in the morning as he passes by my door, he stops to hug me, just like my kiddos do each morning, then bounces on his way.
Today he stopped when he saw me and said, “I hope I have you next year Mrs. Klinger.”
“Well,” I reply “you’ll have a Mrs. Klinger.”
“No, I want you your room is just awesome.”
 I smile and continue filling my water bottle.
He stops in my doorway and looks in, “I’m serious, every time I walk by I think this is just awesome.”
I can’t help but giggle at his seriousness. “We’ll have to see I guess” I say as he skips back to class.
I don’t know this little guy’s name but he always makes me smile as much as he does. What a great quality to have in life.
It must have been my day for cuteness today. Or maybe I just looked like I needed some chuckles because later in the day I was in the bathroom and I hear this little voice ask, “Hey what teacher are you?” I look and see hair hanging beneath the stall next to me. I didn’t reply.
So she goes on “I’m going potty, my class is outside.”  
I couldn’t take it anymore. “Ok you’d better hurry out.” “Noooo, I have to potty.” And then she was gone.
And finally one of my kiddos had a new hoodie on today. “John I like your hoodie.”
“I got it at da mall.”
“Yeah I got it and a toy at da mall in Ho-kah-ho-mah city.”
Gotta love these kiddos. They make my heart happy! 

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  1. Yes, indeed, you made me smile, Tammy. I love working with the little ones, they never fail to offer hugs & smiles. These are priceless.