Bird, Cat, or Dog? You Decide! SOL14 #17

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Is Birdee our new Kitty really our old dog Kodi? Before you decide you should know the whole- true- life story.
We had nice weather during Christmas Break. On one particularly nice day Kodi our dog really wanted to go outside. He was old, deaf, slow but still full of life and loved being outside. He was my kid’s first pet as children. He was family.
That day I let him outside and warned “stay in the yard,” even though I knew he couldn’t hear me, he wagged his tail anyway and gingerly stepped off the deck.
I kept my eye on him throughout the day. He visited every bush, laid in the sun on the porch, and then wandered some more. At one point he even ventured into the front yard which was an old favorite trick for him, but hadn’t gone there in a long while. I smiled as I watched him from my kitchen window. He looked like a young dog once again. Happy with his outing.
Later that day my husband brought Kodi in. I listened from the living room and I knew something wasn’t right. He took Kodi out once again, and this time on his return he had to carry him inside. “Something’s wrong,” he warned, “I don’t think he’ll make it through the night.” And he didn’t. We were devastated. He had just been so happy and full of life.
A few months later the weather had turned bitterly cold but I had to make a trip to town and Wal-Mart.  On Saturday morning it finally got above 9 degrees and I decided to make the trek.
I was not happy to be going and even unhappier about the weather. I hurried out the door and down the block. I was not driving fast, but I wasn’t meandering either.
As I turned the corner on our county road I saw a spot in the road. A truck that had gone before me drove over it-straddled it, so I assumed it to be a dead animal of some sort.
As I drove closer it looked to be a large dead bird, laying as still as death. So with my mind on the craziness of Wal-Mart I too began to drive “over” the spot.
It was then I froze and my breath caught in my throat. This was no dead bird! It was a kitten and it was alive!
I drove past and quickly found a spot to turn around. What was it doing? Where did it come from? Why wasn’t it moving?
As I pulled up to the spot the kitten had been I stopped my car. The kitten was now moving to the grassy area on the side of the road. Maybe I thought it was just a stray, a wild cat that just got stuck in the road.
I decided to get out and call “kitty.”
That was all it took. She was by my side in an instant. No sound. No cries just there. I picked her up. She didn’t move. I cradled her and she settled in and purred.
In the days to come I looked for someone who may have lost this sweet kitten, but there was no one. So the kitty became Birdee, and a new member of our family.
We have had Birdee for about three months now, and we have learned she is not a typical cat. She loves to have her belly rubbed, most of our cats have not, but Kodi did. She lays in the exact spot Kodi did next to the counter on the kitchen floor. She has never been afraid of the other dogs. She nudges our hand like a dog if she wants petted. She sleeps on her back, legs in the air, just like Kodi.
I think our new kitty Birdee may be our old dog Kodi, and I’m ok with that. 
                                                      Birdee's first day at our home.

Our last year with Kodi. 


  1. A pet reincarnation - love it! Enjoy your sweet new friend.

  2. Birdee was waiting for you. She knew who she wanted to go home with. May you all have many happy wonderful years together. Who knows. maybe Kodi did come back as a cat.

  3. I really think this is perfect for a picture book, Tammy. Don't let the story go away-it's beautiful. So happy you got a part of Kodi back!

  4. What a "tweet" story! I love all the names and connections ... there is always a reason.

  5. Perhaps it is the spirit of Kodi that speaks to Birdee in the house. So glad you stopped. A happy life for all.

  6. Sweet story. I would tell you that I didn't cry...but you know me to well. I