Coming Home SOL14#4

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Conferences are always fun, but sometimes the coming home makes me wonder if they’re worth it.
By coming home I mean back to school. It’s always a crapshoot as to what the news will be from the sub. Were they good, were they crazy, were they hanging from the ceiling or tearing things off the wall? Which will it be?
Sadly this time it was all of the abovemore or less. The note said “they were awful, two went to the hall, two went to the office, all had to lay their heads on their desks.”
Cringe and super sad face to start my day. What were they thinking? They are not these kids (not any more). They have come so far.
SO the morning was so so not happyso so sad.
I read them the note. Silence.
I looked at their sad faces. Silence.
They were asked to get their journals out and write about their day last Friday.
I then called them back to the carpet asked them to go line up in the hall again like we do each morning.
“Any more days like last week?” I asked. “NO” they all chimed. “Ok good let’s get this day started over.” Hugs again for everyone and we were back to business.
This is part of what one kiddo wrote in her journal- “we shoud have showed her what a first grade class shoud look like not just like little prekers (translation-Pre-kindergarteners) runing all arawnd I wish we had time to apalugis.”
It’s hard this coming home business. I tried, I really did. But sometimes keeping a straight face is just as hard.  


  1. Aw. Poor repentant babies. I love it when the class gets to the place that they want to please, they know they can do better.

  2. I think the sub has some responsibility in this, too, Tammy. I subbed so long in many kinds of classrooms, & usually it was a great day. I paid attention, but I saw some who sat mostly, engaged little, & the kids ran around. Hm-m. Glad you made it back home & the kids are happy you did, too!