Crammed Full SOL14#15

                                                March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
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I found this picture while scrolling through Pinterest today and thought that is exactly what it must look like inside my head this month. So many things jammed in there and so much to remember, it is the perfect slice of life, because it is a slice of my thoughts any time day or night. So I thought I too would write down what exactly is on my mind.
     Whats On My Mind
The wedding what to wear what to buy what to buy or make the shower food decorations plates colors gifts guests clothes shoes drinks time parking clean up lesson plans bills money food what to slice my husband’s health what is for supper cleaning house Nick and his stiches drink more water eat healthier laundry table cloths dinner for friend dishes a nap rain snow warmer weather summer break teacher pay teacher new shoes pedicure my mom my brothers vacation my friend B my daughter’s school my daughter’s tests fun with my daughter painting sewing new floors picture frames new tires a trip to grandmas my son moving what to write comments and commenting old friends yoga old times my grandma my youth retirement common core math challenges changes beginnings endings the middle and so much more.    


  1. I like this....isn't it amazing how much the mind thinks in such a short time? How do we manage to sort it all out? But we do. I liked that you just wrote the thoughts with no punctuation...because that is how they would come to after the other. Jackie

  2. You've got a whole lot on your mind Tammy! I'm sure you only listed the tip of the iceberg of thoughts.

  3. Wow-perhaps 'still' would be a word of advice. I might do this one day next week-it's my mind exactly, hard to stop, isn't it?