Cupcake Heaven SOL14 #30

There is something about a cupcake!
It’s just the right size. It fits nicely in your hand and you don’t have to have a fork or plate. It brings back wonderful memories of childhood days when your mom brought them to your class for your birthday. They make you feel happy and giddy like a child at their first birthday party. And they are just the right amount of yumminess when you need just a small sweetness fix.
I love cupcakes!
Yesterday as we were wedding shopping with the boys Hadley spied a cupcake shop. "Gigi’s Cupcakes." Ok, I said small detour.
Hadley and I enter the store, it was cupcake heaven. There were too many wonderful flavors of cupcakes for us to breathe in at once.
We snagged a sample from the plate laying out. We were hooked. “Only six,” I warned Hadley. She was torn. Ohh the decisions. I quickly put my dibs the wedding cake flavored one, it was wedding shopping day after all. She began rattling her list to the boy behind the “cupcake bar.”
At the top of her list was a Kentucky Bourbon Pie cupcake. It looked scrumptious.
Finally her carton was full and we were back to wedding shopping.
I cut my cupcake in two to save a piece for the trip home. But Hadley devoured all of her bourbon cake. She ewwwed and awwwed with every bite full. “This is the best cupcake I have ever had.”
They were good. And just the right pick-me-up for a long day shopping. I think we’ll be going back some day. Gigi and I may become good friends.
There is just something about a cupcake!  


  1. I agree! I started a pinterest board of cupcake recipes I want to try. I live in NC and am going home to OH over spring break and there is a wonderful cupcake shop I will be stopping in to pick up some cupcakes. ;)


  2. I never met a cupcake I didn't like. These sound delicious.