Daddy SOL14 #5

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
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The scent was overpowering. It’s perfume conversant and familiar. I have inhaled this scent before. I have breathed it in. I have lived it. I know this scent, it is branded in my memory. I feel this scent, his scent.  
It’s a pungent strong smell that conjures vivid snapshots of days gone by. It grabs hold of me and blankets my senses. Aqua Velva after shave, alcohol-not just alcohol but stale, old alcohol, like that in the bottom of a bottle discarded from last night’s party; and smoke.
It was the smoke that made me pause, that interrupted my senses.  It circled me with its limitlessness and the splintering of nostalgia. It’s the kind of smoke that clings to clothing and clutches a hand that held it for far too many years. I could feel this smell- this essence of him.  
I knew he was close, and I strained to reach him, to see him.
It was then I woke, stretching to reach him. The smell-his smell lingering in my mind. But I knew he wasn’t there, couldn’t be.
He’s been gone far too long.
But that scent, his smell- in my mind, in my dreams.
Or was it?   


  1. Your poetic portrayal of this sensory memory is beautiful. Just the other day, I was at my aunt's house and mentioned that her new house still smelled like her old house. She's been there for nearly five years now! Thanks for this really beautiful portrayal!

  2. Wow ---- your descriptors are vivid and inviting. I found myself searching for your dad. Enchanting. Such a powerful piece! b

  3. Your words are powerful and so descriptive...I could almost smell the scent myself. Jackie

  4. Tammy, I just wrote a poem about my step-father about that Aqua-Velva scent. How strange is that! If you want to see it, send me an e-mail. This is beautiful and scary all at the same time.