Don't Rush... SOL14#13

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Today my husband and I grabbed an early quick dinner at one of my favorite places “Freddy’s.” It’s new to town and a favorite for teenagers too.
As my husband filled our drinks and got the yummy fry sauce I found a booth and looked around at who was in there at the early hour.
In the booth next to us was a group of typical teenagers laughing and talking about their hard day at school. In a booth down from us was an elderly couple enjoying an afternoon ice cream treat. But in the booth directly across from us was an elderly woman and a teenage girl.
The girl I could tell was around sixteen or seventeen. She had on one of high school team spirit shirts stating that she was a part of the cheer squad that won a state championship this year. The woman looked to be in her early eighties.  I assumed it was grandmother and granddaughter, and I smiled.
It was this table that made me pause. I always like to watch the interaction between the elderly and teens or children. It brings back so many memories of my own children and their great grandfather.
He was so proud of them, much like this woman looked to be of her granddaughter.
My children learned at an early age that grandparents and the elderly are to be respected and cherished for their insight, stories, and contributions to our lives.
Their great grandpa, my husband’s grandpa was well into his seventies when we became his caretaker; my children were young and they soon learned that what they did for grandpa was not a job, but a joy. He was blind, and elderly, but full of treasures in his memories that he gamely shared.
I watched the grandmother and girl interact. They talked for a while, then I heard the girl say it was time to go and she was driving. I smiled she must be a new driver. She walked off then, and the lady eased out of the booth trying to find her balance. I remembered the times my own children helped their grandpa from the same type of booth. Sometimes wanting to rush, but knowing they should not.
As she made her way to the girl I could see the girl sigh and say “are you coming?” I couldn’t hear the grandma’s response. But I caught a glance of the sadness in her eyes.
I wanted to stop the girl and warn her not to be in such a rush. Cherish this time because before she knows it, it will be gone, and there will be no one that is as proud to share an afternoon snack with her as her grandma was today.  


  1. You described this scene so well. I am glad it brought back cherished memories.

  2. I have a tear in my eye. I enjoyed the way you wove this piece together with present and past, and saddened by the reality of the girl's response. I could never imagine one of my children talking to Great Grammy that way!

  3. You shared this beautifully, Tammy, but it makes me sad that the young girl isn't a bit more aware of her grandmother's needs. We of course don't know the whole story, but that one glimpse was not one to treasure as it could be. I loved hearing about your own kids and their great grandpa.

  4. I love this slice! It makes me think back to the fun times with my grandmother, playing cards. I interviewed her once and took her to her hometown for a trip down memory lane. I will always treasure those times with my grandmother. I hope to have the same relationship with my daughter. Thanks for the memories!

  5. I enjoyed watching the girl and her grandmother. Your connections to the grandparents and great grandparents in your lives was so fluid--I like how you did that.