Frustration SOL14 #9

This is just a quick slice from the iPad today and I hope I am smart enough to know how to link it up because once again the internet is down and I am frustrated.
I remember my first year slicing our internet was down for over a week. I felt hopeless and frustrated because I couldn't slice. It's the same feeling I have today. It's a panic to meet a deadline that really is important. But of course there are no consequences for not meeting this deadline, no missed project date, no loss of job, or being kicked off the team- the slicing community is very forgiving.
But I will be the one let down. I will be the one that worries and stews until this slice is done. It has become an addiction, a necessity, a need I must meet, must have. It is a part of me, my life.
So I find a way to meet my deadline, stick to my goal, and I slice!
And tomorrow I may look for a new Internet provider!


  1. You did it! You not only made it, but you made it in early. Yea! Glad you're here (again).

  2. You made it well ahead, Tammy! Sorry for the frustration. Sometimes my phone is the only way to go! Best wishes in finding a good source!