Hello There...SOL14 #14

                                              March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
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I am such a thief. I read Deb's slice last night and fell in love with it right away. She found her inspiration from this  
Originally came from this blog  http://the-girl-who-chased-the-moon.tumblr.com/
and I found mine through her

Hello there:

i am  wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher
i keep thinking up more work for myself
i wish i could write and publish a children’s book
i love my family beyond belief
i dance all the time
i sing in the car to embarrass my kids
i think the common core is a good thing
i really am excited spring break begins now
i need a full night’s sleep
i should work harder to lose weight
i can wake up without an alarm clock for a whole week
i like hot weather
i make people laugh
i always talk about my amazing kids


  1. I think I may become a thief too. This might come in handy in about ten days or so! When I run out of thoughts! Spring break is this week and I look forward to not waking up to an alarm clock too!

  2. What a lovely post! Lots of interesting info about you! I wouldn't call it stealing - you were inspired! As I am now ! lol

  3. What a neat idea. Stealing is a good thing in this case. :) I love that you sing to embarrass your kids. Hilarious.

  4. Stealing is an awesome thing. Love yours!

  5. Your post made me happy - so honest and refreshing. I may try the form too!

  6. It's not stealing...as I tell my kiddos at school, think of it as a compliment. She liked your idea enough to try it herself! And I think many of us will be sharing this inspiration too! Now, about that children's book...how's that going? :)

  7. Wonderful to read about you, Tammy. My spring break doesn't start until the very end of the month-I'll sleep a lot then I guess. Have a wonderful week!