I Am Very Flexible SOL14 #26

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I’m never going to be a yoga-enthusiast.
A few weeks ago my friend and I went to our first yoga class. It was.doable. I didn’t leave exhausted or worn out. My muscles were not sore and I could still walk out of the YMCA. I enjoyed most of it, but it is easy to say ehhh let’s not go tonight.
I think my friend and I are fair weather yoga-beings. The second night we got all the way to the Y then decided we really needed to be home because it was snowing, and cold. We just knew by the time it was over the roads may be slippery; so we left. And then we sat in my drive, in the cold and dark for over an hour talking and reminiscing about when we were neighbors and our kids were young. The snow stopped as soon as we drove in my yard.  
The next week our girls were home so we took them along. They of course made it much more fun. But yoga is a kind of quiet-Zen type exercise, and I don’t think the other yoga-narians like our snickers and giggles when our down-ward dogs were more up than down, and our planks seemed a little warped.
And then there is tonight. It is rainy. And cold. And icky. So when the text came asking “yoga tonight?” and then right after, “I really don’t like this yucky weather.” I knew it would be another nonyoga night for us.
I’ll miss our car ride and chit chat to and from. I’ll miss our smirks and stifled giggles trying to find our Zen state of mind, and walking out those silly down-ward dogs. Maybe next week the weather will be just right to plank in, or even better a conversation in the dark. 

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