Lasting Lessons! SOL day 1/2014

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Whew was so afraid I wasn’t going to get the chance to slice today. Internet can make or break your day of well laid plans I tell you. But it seems to be back in working order so I am back in business. I’m so excited to begin this 2014 month of writing journey. I have been waiting all winter for March and now it is here Hooray!
Yesterday my friends and I spent the day in Tulsa. We participated in a workshop by Matt Glover. He has written a few books about writing with children and collaborated on two with Katie Wood Ray. I have his first two books but not his newest…yet. I went to his conference in Tulsa two years ago too. I like what he has to say about writing with children. This year he gave us some great ideas about units of study and how to organize and teach them so that they are grade appropriate.
Some great quotes I came away with were:
“Compositional thinking is the same no matter what’s being used words or pictures.”
“Teach children with nudges not pushes.” (I really need reminded of this sometimes).
“Correcting is not teaching.”
Asking children “What TYPE of writing (of book) are you doing today?” instead of “what Are you writing”
And publishing simply means making it “public.”
I discovered some amazing literary nonfiction books, and thought of some great ways to use them in writing workshop and other areas.
I found some wonderful ideas and thoughts to ponder on this weekend and the coming weeks. I promise I’ll let you in on my new found insight after I do!
One more thing I learned at the conference…never ask your girlfriends to hold your bag so you can go to the bathroom while they are standing next to a hospitality table. This is what you’ll find at the bottom of your bag on the trip home! Thanks ladies!!


  1. "Correcting is not teaching" is hard to remember sometimes, especially during writing workshop!

  2. There's nothing like attending a great conference to be rejuvenated in your teaching. Sounds like it was worth while and fun with colleagues.

  3. What great gems to remember. I especially love “Correcting is not teaching.”

  4. I wrote most of those down too! :-)

    Wow! Looks like you are ready for some hot tea!

  5. Sounds like it was a great workshop with many resounding take-aways! "Correcting is not teaching" is difficult to remember in the moment, but we need to for the very important reason that the student won't learn a thing! Thanks for sharing and look forward to another March of writing! Also, thanks for your sweet comment. :)

  6. Ha-you have fun friends, Tammy. So glad you made it here today, will try to look for you often. Happy to hear about your conference-always inspirational!

  7. What great quotes you got! I love, love, love the one about nudging not pushing. :)