My Husband's Long Time Love Affair SOL14 #24

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There is someone else in my husband’s life. When the call comes he is gone in a flash with no word of goodbye or why. He has left me at restaurants, parties and more. He never gives an explanation or when he’ll return, he just leaves.
He has missed birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, and more suppers than I can count. That’s when he runs out the most, when it’s time to sit down for dinner. The call came once when he was in the shower, and I wondered if he would take the time to dress, before he dashed away.
It has been hinted that the reason is the amazing hotness of it all. But I know he covets the thrill and challenge too. He tells me it’s been a long time love affair, and there is nothing to be done. I learned tonight it all began in 1996, I had no idea it has been going on that long.
This past week he left twice in the middle of the night. First as soon as I came home from school, and then again at 11:00 and 3:00. I lay awake wondering when he’ll return, if he will that night. I never know.
Most wives wouldn’t put up with this love affair. I sometimes wonder why I do. But down deep I know it’s a part of him, and I’m ok with that.
I wonder tonight if the call will come once again. It’s windy and dry, fire season in Oklahoma. My Volunteer Fire Fighting husband’s favorite time of year.  


  1. Great slice! The title brings readers right in and your writing keeps us on the edge of our seat wondering.

  2. I was feeling so angry for you throughout your WHOLE slice! GREAT twist at the end! :)

  3. So glad that he's willing to drop everything and run. It takes a special person to do that job and a patient, loving one to support him like you do.