Pusher or Nudger? SOL14 #2

         Slice #2 at the TWT SOL writing challenge!

Do YOU push or nudge?
I kinda push. I’m kinda pushy. I know I am. When Matt Glover said to us that we teach children with nudges not pushes. I thought uttt ohh I’m a pusher.
And I’m kinda a pusher in many areas of my life. I try not to be. I have learned to sit back and just “see.” But boy it’s hard. And sometimes you just have to PUSH! Like when my hubby says he doesn’t feel well. “Do you need to go to the Dr.?” “No, I’ll be fine.” I call and make him an appointment.
Or when my bestie says she feels dizzy and I say “go home.” “No I’ll be fine” as tears roll down her cheeks. I call over for a sub and call her hubby to come and get her.
I push when my girl says she can’t do something by reminding her a girl that jumps off a high dive at the age if two CAN do ANYTHING!
I push when the son sayswell maybe laterbut I hand him the cash (or reason) to do it now. I am trying NOT to push through this whole wedding planningthat is for the daughter-in-law- to- be to do.I promise I really am TRYING not to push. It is theirs to decide.
AND I push my kiddos. Read more, you can do it, try it, think about it, yes you can, use your strategies, use your time wisely, all me. push, push, pushing.
But after listening to Matt this week I will try to be a nudger, not a pusher, a prodder, not a shover, an ecourager, not a demander.
I will try!  


  1. It's hard not to be a pusher. We want the best for the people we care about, right?

  2. :))) this made me smile. It is so true, that nudging can be more effective, but it certainly can be difficult and requires a certain leap of faith, I think.

  3. Oh Tammy, love the way you used the font to show the voice! When the kids get older, that's when it is hard, & that wedding stuff-whew-really hard to bite one's tongue & keep quiet, isn't it? You've made me think, & that's good, but... Best wishes!

  4. I love this reflection about nudging and pushing. There is a difference, but sometimes we need to push! Or we need a good push...OK. I'll think more about nudging too.