Short and Sweet SOL14 #28

Only 4 days left of the Slice of Your Life!

Tonight my daughter called to inform me that all she has left in college is three semesters, and student teaching. WOW really! Now you and I know that really means two years, but when you put it into semesters it sounds like it’s just a few short weeks away. She was very excited that next semester she has no “basics” but instead her semester is filled with “real teacher” classes.
I loved hearing her so excited about her classes and her future, it makes my heart happy. 
Of course this information came after she chewed her father and I out for NOT answering our phones! "What if I was sick or dying?" 
Oh the love of my girl!    


  1. Wow, she really is in the home stretch! So nice to hear an up and coming teacher excited about entering the profession. And how fortunate that she has a mom who is there and can support her from the inside! I never had anyone that I could talk to who really understood what I was going through until I got a full-time teaching job. She is really lucky to have you!

  2. Time goes so fast, doesn't it? Seems like I was just reading that she was off to school! Best wishes to her in her 'teacher' classes!

  3. I remember getting to the point where I could have my real classes and none of the basics. That was an exciting time. You know you're studying the right thing if you're really excited about this. :)