So-So SOL14 # 18

                                              March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
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today I decided to sew.
My sewing
is just so so
I used to enjoy it so
much more
I sew
to make things
And sew
to relax
So when I sew
It’s because I have a goal
I used to sew
for my daughter
Cute little outfits and dresses
That made her look so
Then she grew
and did not want me
to sew
for her
I didn’t.
I have sewed
my curtains
And sewed
some quilts
They are so
That I often give up on what I have sewn.
Tonight I will sew
some more
So I can finish what I so
want to complete
But tomorrow it will be so
much warmer
I may go out and sow
some seeds.
We’ll see.


  1. My comment disappeared, so if you receive two, that's why! SO, I expect that you are a great seamstress, so wonder why you say that you give up sewing sometime? I expect, also, that when spring comes, we all want to go outside to sow seeds instead of sewing silk! Very fun to read, and very fun to comment to!

  2. I laughed when reading this! Sooo many ways to spell so, and so many meanings!

  3. I so enjoyed your post. Whether you sew or sow, you will have something to show for it in the end

  4. Loved reading this. Very catchy and smile worthy.

  5. Today I worked on a leson on sound devices and I could have used this poem!