Spring Weirdness! SOL14 #11

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
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Do you ever you could just do a whole day over again? I don’t mean like Ground Hog day where you keep waking up to the same results, but instead a way to turn back time and just have a big ol “do-over.”
That’s how I felt yesterday, and apparently I wasn’t the only one. Everywhere I went people were talking about the weirdness of the day.
The technician at the vet said it had been CrAzY.
My hubby was called away from work to fight two fires, and look for a man wandering the highway that had shot himself with a pellet gun, and at the same time another man swallowed lighter fluidwhy would someone do that?
Some of my kiddos were sleeping yesterday, some were staring into the abyss, and some were hanging off the wallsliterally.
The news reported a jet that just went poof out of thin air, and the bachelor said what he feels for the girl he picked is “private.” Really? I would NOT be seen with a guy on national TV if he said “he really liked me a lotbut whatever else he felt he’d have to wait and see”uhhh okI’ll just hang around and seeNOT!
And then this morning (it must have bled over into the AM) my brother writes that someone wants to put a ban on the word “bossy.” REALLY??
GASP! Where will that leave me if they do away with the word bossy? It’s what I have built my whole life around I tell you!
See what I mean weird, weird day yesterday I think it’s the time changeor the windor the warm weather  


  1. I'm in Cancun now so every day is weird, sort of, but not your weird Tammy. I'll stick with my version of weird.

  2. I love how extensive your list is. I'll be writing in the next day or too about "boosy" being banned. Look for my post.

  3. I thought the weirdness was just in my world! Just having to ask where are your underwear, telling the attorney mom her daughter had mooned the class, and why are your pants on backwards to 5 year olds was too much!

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