The Storyteller SOL14 #20

                                               March Slice of Life Story Challenge
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Today was going to be “cleaning day.” The day in Spring break where I really deep clean, but
I have been lost in a book. Do you ever do that? Get so caught up in a book or a story that everything else suffers? Get so wrapped up in the storyline that you just have to finish, have to keep reading? Too bad for the dishes. Too bad for the laundry. Too bad for sleep, showers, or conversations.
I do all of these. Sometimes it’s even too bad for supper for my poor hubby.
And then it’s over. And I am let down. I want more. I need another.
I get this from my mom I think. She tells me of her childhood when she’d be so caught up in a book she would burn the potatoes. My grandpa would come in and say “looks like Ruthie has been reading again the potatoes are burned.” But I think he may have eaten them anyway. And I think he was secretly proud she was such an avid reader.  
I too have been known to burn, boil over, and overcook a meal or two myself
This week I am reading The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult anything by Jodi Picoult is good, but this one is particularly enticing.
We’re having tacos for supper tonight.Or maybe I should just order pizza.  


  1. I vote for pizza. This happens to me so often, that I don't pick up books because my family feels neglected once I start one. I choose to stay up too late so that I don't feel too guilty for ignoring them. Shutting them out. We need days like these, to follow wherever our path leads. Without pre-determined structure.

  2. I love when a book does this, and all other plans, including showering fly out the window!! I'm glad you got this experience on your spring break, much better than cleaning!

  3. Great slice! At the beginning I was nodding my head Yes! Yes! Yes! That happens to me. Then I am so sad when the book is over. I feel like I've lost friends. I want to know more about their lives. My spring break is next week- I am going to have to get that book.

  4. I don't know any avid reader who hasn't skipped doing something in tabor of finishing a book.

  5. I think you've described it exactly! I enjoy this month's challenge, but I am NOT getting to the reading like I want to! Soon!

  6. I had plans to read...but it just isn't happening! Glad you are reading and getting all rested up so you carry the 1st grade load for the rest of the year.